Electric Scooter Weight Limits

By John Oliver

November 4, 2021

 If you have ever been concerned about being too heavy to ride an electric scooter, do not fear. Due to high demand, manufacturers are making more electric scooters that can handle up to 550 lbs of weight.  

 Even if you are not heavy or planning to carry heavy cargo on your e-scooter, weight limit can still be a deciding factor in choosing an electric scooter as it relates directly to the quality of the vehicle and type of ride.  

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Young Man Riding An Electric Kick Scooter

 Making a wise purchase by considering the weight limit of an electric scooter can get you the best bang for your buck. You can find the absolute perfect electric scooter that fits your needs and preferred riding experience.

 Let’s walk through 6 of the most popular electric scooters and see how the weight limit can be an important factor in finding an electric scooter that suits your needs, along with trends about weight and weight limits. 

Electric Scooter Weight Capacity [X]

ModelWeight of ScooterWeight Limit
Hiboy S229.5lbs [X]220 lbs
Xiaomi Mi M36528 lbs [X, X]220 lbs
Segway Ninebot Max42.1 lbs [X]220.5 lbs
Apollo City39 lbs [X]265 lbs
Apollo Explore52 lbs [X]265 lbs
EMOVE Cruiser52 lbs [X352 lbs

 Electric Scooter Weight Capacity

 How much does an electric scooter usually weigh, and what is a normal weight limit of an electric scooter

 Electric scooters, like all functional machinery, have weight limits. The average weight an electric scooter can hold is 220-550 lbs. An electric scooter has a relatively simple design, and its weight mostly depends on the size of the motor, frame, and battery. 

 The average weight of an adult electric scooter is 24 lbs. Combining the information from the table above, the average weight for a low-end ($120 value) and medium range ($300) scooters is 17-30lbs, and premium scooters (upwards of $600) 40-50lbs.  

Looking at the table provided above, the trends tell us that higher end scooters are heavier and also have higher weight limits. The weight increase for the e-scooter itself is mostly due to more powerful motors which can also lead to needing heavier and more durable parts that can support the motor. 

 How does the weight limit affect an electric scooter? 

 When you exceed the weight limit on an electric scooter, it could damage the electric scooter’s frame, battery, and tires. This can not only destroy a scooter you paid good money for, but also put you in serious danger when you ride a damaged e-scooter.  

 Weight limit is an important factor of a quality electric scooter because it is directly related to its utility, and considering this when purchasing an e-scooter can help find the perfect one. The range of e-scooters these days makes it possible to find the exact riding experience you seek. 

 A higher weight limit for an e-scooter relates to the durability, power, acceleration, ease of steering, and speed of a scooter — all factors that can make your ride more fit for your enjoyment and seriously marks the e-scooter’s performance.  

 Durability Advantages 

 Perhaps you want an e-scooter that is going to be a long-term commuting partner. A higher weight limit means a more durable e-scooter, increasing its longevity and makes your investment last longer. It is much less likely to get damaged through normal wear and tear. 

 A higher weight limit also makes it easier to carry heavier cargo on the scooter, which creates a more enjoyable riding experience. Before, it was possible to be too heavy to ride a scooter, but now a heavy person can find an electric scooter that fits their needs. 

 The more weight an e-scooter has to carry, the more likely the battery will die faster when trying to move this weight. A heavier e-scooter has a more powerful motor, which is the core of what makes an e-scooter robust (not to dismiss the frame and other parts that support the motor). 

 Speed Advantages 

 If the total weight the e-scooter has to carry is in the upper half of the weight limit for an e-scooter, this can slow your vehicle down. By choosing an e-scooter with a higher weight limit, you have the ability to go faster without any damage to your scooter.  

 Similarly, you can accelerate faster when the e-scooter is fit to give power to do this (instead of using that same power to try to support the cargo load). This can give you more control over your riding experience, and subsequently more flexibility in how you move on terrain. 

 It is also easier to steer when there is not heavy cargo on your e-scooter. When you turn and there is a massive amount of weight, you can create more friction against the ground when you try to steer and make a turn, which destroys your tires. 

 Most premium e-scooters are heavier due to more powerful motors, but I want a lightweight one while maintaining this power. Is this possible? 

Yes, an electric scooter can also be lightweight and powerful. This is one of the engineering challenges in creating the ideal e-scooter because of the contrasting factors. This kind can accommodate portability, especially in crowded cities where e-scooters are most popular.  

 A good weight for an electric scooter is around 30 lbs, and anything lighter is the direction to go for a lightweight model. Be sure to check other parts of the e-scooter (such as motor power) to ensure you are not giving up power for portability. 

 To give you a sense of how lightweight e-scooters can be, a SoFlow Air is the most lightweight electric scooter, weighing around 15 lbs (and a weight limit of 220 lbs!) [  target=”_blank”> link  ]. This can help you visualize the lightweight electric scooter you want, and is a good starting point for your search.  

 Whatever e-scooter you choose to purchase, make sure to consider the weight limit in your decision. It could be the factor that determines if you need to purchase another e-scooter soon and helps you discover what riding experience you want from your vehicle.  

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