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In the $100.00 through $500 price range Razor electric scooters, bikes, and carts have some of the best design features and build quality. Razor electric scooters are well engineered and use high-quality parts made by respected manufacturers such as Wuxing and Unite, but they are often basic models.

In the $500.00 and up price range, Glion Dolly electric scooters currently have some of the best features and quality. Their larger size electric scooter models have full suspension, dual disc brakes, and heavy-duty 4-ply wide profile tires making them some of the best performing scooters in their class.

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Best Cheap Electric Scooters Updated 2022

Unlike cars, electric scooters come with a lower price tag and many can be used without insurance policies. You can often find electric scooters for sale cheap online at places such as amazon.

Buying an electric scooter can be for various purposes. Some people like to use this mode of transportation to get to work/school and some just want to ride something because it is a whole lot of fun.

If you are on a tight budget or just buying your first scooter, here is our list of the best cheap electric scooters out there today.