Everything You Need to Know About How Far Electric Scooters Can Take you

By John Oliver

November 6, 2021

Everything You Need to Know About How Far Electric Scooters Can Take you

Getting through a pandemic Uber and transportation costs are through the roof, consider an electric scooter as a fun alternative way to speed up your commute.

Electric scooters from VoroMotors can reach speeds of up to 60 mph (96.5km/h)! 

With VoroMotors scooters you can accelerate within seconds and stay street safe so long as you maintain a braking distance between 10-16 feet.

young woman riding an electric scooter in the street

Choosing your new hot ride is 100% a personal choice that is dependent on your needs. To help get you informed and be sure that you are able to make the choice that best suits your lifestyle allow me to clue you in on a few electrifying facts and tips on some of the top quality scooters that VoroMotors has to offer.

How Far Can You Go?

Whether you’re looking for a fun filled family cruise along your local river walk or an efficient safe way to get yourself to work on a daily basis there is a scooter for you! however how far can an electric scooter take you? With highly portable scooter’s 18 mile range and commuter ready riders with ranges up to 62 miles on a single charge, the amount of distance is very versatile and dependent on your individual desire. 

You can compare high end long range mobility aids with their portable counter parts on Voro Motors web page. Here you will be able to see all the Scooter stats from range and portability to their speed demon qualities and uphill powers. 

Uber Fast Urban Outings

Driving a car in congested urban areas can be excruciatingly boring, cause delays in your travels, and  just be flat out frustrating. So long as you abide by your state’s regulations E-scooters are safe to travel though the urban streets or even on the less trafficked sidewalk. This means your electronic ride can help you complete your commute without the wait! Getting you to your destination in a fun efficient manner that is even faster than a car stuck on a crowded street.

With speed prioritized scooters you can keep up with the big dogs, pulling your own weight with up to 60 mph power and the same suspension brakes as the high end Harley motorcycles. 

If you are looking for something a little more neighborhood friendly, a quick 3-4 hour charge will have you and your Emove touring scooter on a journey of up to 25 miles. This lightweight portable cruiser is fantastic for exploring new cities while respecting other pedestrians on busy sidewalks or passing cars through the bike lane. 

Long Range Transport 

However for the daily rider looking for something with a long range then the Emove Cruiser is the scooter for you. The Emove Cruiser is the commuter’s dream. With a charge time of 9-12 hours and a range of 62 miles this 25 mph scooter is the king of long range riders. 

With car grade tires, surrounded lights on the front, back , and sides, this cruiser is a safe bet for all your daily travel needs. 

If you have a need for speed and you’re also hoping for that long distance champion then you should consider the Wolf warrior X pro, this scooter can reach up to 43 mph (69.2km/h) and take you soaring up to 60 miles distance on a single 4.6 hour charge. Complete with LED under deck lights and turn signals this slim body bike packs in everything you need to power your way through the streets. 

Uphill battles? 

Most scooters have no issue climbing up a 10 degree hill. However, for the off road traveler or scenic enjoyer, the Kaabo Wolf King from Voro Motors is a muscular street eater, designed to conquer hills of up to 45 degrees! 

With off road tires available as add ons these power ready BAD BOIS are prepared to shred any route with their hydraulic shock suspension, 50 mile range and 60mph (96.5km/h) abilities These Motorized mobility monsters are basically standing motorcycles. 

Scooter Lifespan

Scooter life span is of course an important factor to consider when purchasing a $800-$3000 transportation tool. Unfortunately there really is no fixed number on how long your scooter may survive and thrive. In order to keep your scooter in top riding condition proper care is required to reduce the amount of times and  extend the time in between that you will need to purchase new batteries. 

Usage level and riding conditions do have a drastic impact on how often a battery may need to be replaced in order to replenish the life of your scooter, however Voro Motors happy customers confirm that many of them ride regularly and have yet to replace their batteries up to two years in of owning their E scooters. 

Scooter Maintenance and Longevity Control

Well most electric scooters are water resistant, wiping down after riding, especially when riding in rain or harsh weather can help increase the life of your scooter and your tires. It may be helpful to leave an old towel or rag where you store your scooter as a reminder

The Positive Side To Batteries

Lithium ion batteries all have a certain amount of charge cycles they can use before needing to be replaced, this can vary anywhere between 500-5000 depending on your battery. This means that you should refrain from completely discharging your battery before you go to plug in and charge. This way you won’t be using an entire charge cycle and you will save more life in your battery.

The key to healthy battery life is charging often and charging little. If you can manage, the sweet spot you should be aiming for is to begin charging when your scooter reaches about 50% battery. Be sure you have wiped your scooter down after riding and given it some time to cool down before plugging in.

Caring for your battery can really make or break the longevity of a high functioning E scooter, check out this link for some in depth tips on battery care.

Under Pressure : Tire Care

your tires are the only contact point between you and the ground, so matter the specs on your scooter investing in optimal tires for your typical terrain could mean a difference in mileage and years of use for your scooter as a whole.

Be sure that you are keeping your tire pressure at optimum pressure to avoid punctures,create longer lasting tires,and to be sure you wear them evenly. 


Maintain your breaks! I think everyone can agree brakes are super important and It’s a good idea to look after them. Check the manufacturer’s pointers for the best care. Keep the underside clean and clear of any debris to minimize any servicing needed. If your lever needs to be pressed down firmly before your scooter starts to break it may be time to tighten your cable. 

Avoid accidents by braking when needed, and riding to the conditions. In a crowded area, or unpaved roads, slow down! Be mindful and be sure you’re using your e scooter in the environment it was designed for. 

Happy Trails

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