How to secure and lock your electric scooter

By John Oliver

February 13, 2020

lock your electric scooter

Electric scooters are a blessing for thousands of us, who live in over-populated areas. With the rise of electric scooters across the world’s biggest urban cities, comes a problem that was bound to occur – theft, wrecking and exploitation of these transportation vehicles. While some of these electric scooters are cheap, others are costly and become a medium of easy money for thieves. This article will guide you on how to secure and lock your electric scooter and protect it from being stolen.

First things first, are electric scooters easily stolen?

Sadly, the answer to that is a loud, resounding yes, and in broad daylight too. Back in 1990’s, bicycle owners were left shocked and frustrated at the way their vehicles were being stolen. Soon after, companies started creating locks that stopped thieves in their tracks. Today, electric scooters are suffering the same fate. If a thief is resourceful, he’ll manage to steal your e-scooter within minutes, and sometimes, seconds. So even if you’re going to step into a store to quickly get something, by the time you come out, your electric scooter can be stolen!

So then, the question arises,

How to prevent electric scooter theft?

The good news is, yes, you can prevent electric scooter theft. E-scooters being stolen posed a great deal of threat to companies and that was evident in the dip of their sales earlier in 2019. Soon after, they started informing people about ways they could prevent their electric scooter from being stolen. From asking them to keep it out of sight most times, to urging the owners to carry their electric scooters inside their home. In case of foldable units, this is much easier. If your electric scooter is super costly, you can attach a theft alarm system too. This way, you can immediately know if someone is trying to tamper with your scooter.

Can you lock up an electric scooter?

Yes, you can. If you wish to leave your scooter on the street for a prolonged period of time, you can protect it from theft by locking it. Today, companies have started creating various high-end locks, to safeguard these valuable units while they are parked on the street. With the advancement in technology, these locks are almost unbreakable and will ensure your scooter is in the same place you left it at when you come back. 

Best way to lock an electric scooter

We advise you to always apply two or more locks on your e-scooter. And if you’re leaving it on the street, attach those locks to an immovable object like a pole or a fence. Thieves become disinterested in vehicles that have too many locks on it, as stealing them becomes harder and someone might catch them in the act and have them reported to the police. Remember, the more the locks, the safer your electric scooter is.

What are some of the best locks for electric scooters?

There are multiple types of locks available in the market today. From the traditional lock and key to a combination lock. These locks are easy to use and do not require any prior knowledge. Also, it is in your best interest to keep a duplicate key of your lock somewhere safe, in case you happen to lose the original one.

Below are some types of locks that are popular amongst scooterists around the world:

I. Grip locks:

These are one of the smartest ways to protect your electric scooter from being stolen. They are usually mounted on the handle-bar of your electric scooter and pull on to the brakes, resulting in the immovability of your scooter. Ever imagine a thief dragging an electric scooter through the streets? We think not! But if your scooter is foldable and easily liftable, we wouldn’t recommend using this as the sole lock.

What they aren’t? Expensive. What they are? Effective.

Recommended: Grip-Lock GLRed Red Motorcycle and Scooter Handlebar Security Lock

                             - Made with hardened steel rods and are unbreakable.

                          - Fits most of the electric scooters.

                             - Lock and unlock within 10 seconds.

                             - Ultra-compact and lightweight.

II. Folding locks:

Our absolute favorite simply because they are really strong and can be tied anywhere on the electric scooter. Many times, when you have to carry a lock, there is a possibility that you forget it somewhere, but not these. You can leave them on the scooter, even when you don’t use them. Moreover, these are almost impossible to cut through and require heavy-duty equipment if they are to be removed. These locks are on the costlier side, but if you get them, chances are, thieves won’t even bother stealing your e-scooter. They can be mounted to almost anything and anywhere.

Recommended: FoldyLock – An extreme electric scooter lock with heavy duty steel bars

                             - Made with anti-drilling components

                          - Hardened steel links

                             - Super flexible

                             - Fast and easy to use

III. Cable locks:

Similar to chain locks, these are widely used and are easily available in the market. Although many riders use these, they are pretty easy to cut through. In any case, choosing one made with high quality makes all the difference.

Recommended: Titanker Bike Lock Cable with resettable combination and complimentary mounting bracket

                             - A locking mechanism with 4 digits

                             - Protective coating helps prevent scratches on your e-scooter

                             - Braided steel cable for strong cut resistance

                             - Mounting bracket

IV. Chain locks:

These are usually better than cable locks, as they are made up of interlinked hardened steel links. They are covered by a cloth or plastic to protect your electric scooter from scratches. The best part about this lock is that it can be tied to various immovable objects due to their length and flexibility. Some of these use the traditional lock and key, while more modern ones use an inbuilt combination lock.

Recommended: Sportneer Bike lock with resettable combination and 3.2 ft stainless steel chain

                             - Keyless secure lock mechanism with 5-digit combination

                             - Extremely durable cut resistance cable

                             - Easy to set and reset

In conclusion:

Do not leave your electric scooter on the sidewalk without any locks. Make sure it is always parked in a safe spot, and visible to you whenever possible. We hope this article has been insightful. If you have any other ways to keep electric scooters safe from theft, we’d love to hear from you.

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