9 reasons to trade your car for an electric scooter

By John Oliver

January 25, 2021

You must be using your car for getting most of your day to day transportation needs catered to. How bout trading that for purchasing a new scooter? You might not like the idea at all, but there are some prominent benefits that you can experience by trading your car for an electric scooter. Let’s take a quick look at 10 key benefits that you will be able to experience. 

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  1. Electric scooters are not like pedal bikes 

You will have to spend your effort to ride a bike that comes with pedals. However, you don’t have to go through any such experience to use an electric scooter. You will not have to worry about pedaling it at all. That’s because there’s a battery to power up the electric scooter and cater to its energy demands. Hence, you will be able to get from one place to another effortlessly.

  1. You can reduce your carbon footprint 

We are highly concerned about our carbon footprint and the negative impact that we create on the world that we live in. If you are looking for a way to reduce your carbon footprint, you should purchase an electric scooter. That’s because they will consume very little energy when compared to cars. On the other hand, you will be running your electric scooter with electricity, which is much cleaner than fossil fuel burning. Hence, you can feel good about using an electric scooter, as you are contributing a lot towards the betterment of the planet that we live in.

  1. You can power up your electric scooter with solar energy 

You can even get some solar panels installed at home with the intention of recharging your electric scooter. You will only need few solar panels that can generate a power output of around 100W for recharging the electric scooter. Therefore, you will get the opportunity to keep your running expenses down to zero. You will not have to pay for gas or electricity. Moreover, you will also be able to conserve the environment as solar energy is a renewable source of energy available out there for you to use.

  1. Electric scooters offer improved convenience 

Electric scooters are compact in dimensions. Therefore, you will be able to take them to places without encountering any challenges. Imagine the struggles that you will have to go through when you want to find parking space for your car. You will never have to deal with any such struggles when you are using an electric scooter. The electric scooter will only require little storage space. You can even find foldable electric scooters, which you can simply place next to your workstation at the office.

  1. Electric scooters can help you to be healthy 

Some of the electric scooters come along with pedals. If you are concerned about living a healthier life, you can think about spending money to buy this kind of electric scooter. Then you will be able to pedal the scooter to work every single day. This will provide the daily workouts that your body is supposed to get. Hence, you will never come across any reason to complain about the lack of time you have to focus on workouts.

  1. You can save money in the long run

By trading your car for an electric scooter, you will be able to receive a great deal in terms of saving money. On the other hand, you will not have to deal with a lot of expenses in the long run. For example, you will not have to work on regular vehicle service or oil changes. The electric scooter you buy such as the VARLA Scooter doesn’t contain any mechanical moving parts. Therefore, you can also expect to receive a high level of reliability out of it. This will eventually help you to save a lot of money in the future.

  1. You can save time with your day to day commute 

During peak hours, your electric scooter will be able to help you with getting to the destination faster than a car. That’s because you will be able to ride your Varla Electric scooter in the bike lane. Hence, you can easily skip congestion and get to the destination. On top of that, you will also get the opportunity to take advantage of traveling in the shortcuts, which you can’t access with your car.

  1. Electric scooters are fun to ride 

You will love the experiences you collect along with your electric scooter. They are fun to ride and can deliver a bunch of fascinating memories. You will not just be able to use the electric scooter for day to day commute. It is even possible for you to purchase an electric scooter for having some off-road adventures. All you have to do is to spend your money on purchasing an off-road electric scooter. No matter what, you will be impressed with the overall experience that the electric scooter can deliver to you.

  1. You don’t need to deal with license, insurance, and regulation related problems 

After you purchase an electric scooter, you will not have to spend money on registration, license, or insurance. That’s because those laws are not applicable to the e-scooters. You will not even come across the need to purchase a driving license to ride your e-scooter in many parts of the world. Hence, it is a great option available for the youngsters to use and get their travel requirements catered.

Image credit: varlascooter.com 

Final words

Now you are convinced on why you should trade your car and spend money to purchase a new electric scooter. If you are ready to make that decision, you should always go for the best electric scooter available in the market. This is where you should take a look at a reputed product such as VARLA Electric Scooter. Then you will be able to use it and experience all the benefits as stated above. 

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