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John Oliver

John Oliver

Since I know about scooters, I have been using them. From middle school, though the entire high school, I was known as that one guy on a scooter. But then, college came and it was too far away from home to ride a scooter so my obsession stopped. Or did it?

Half-way through college, I discovered electric scooters and I knew I had to have one the moment I saw it. People thought I was being silly that electric scooters aren't a good mode of transportation and that they are useless. „Well, what can I say, I love scooters!“ – I answered.

After college, got a job in a serious company which requires me to wear suits. Now, every day I commute to work with my electric scooter and my suits are wrinkle-free and I don't have to sit in a crowded car I share with my coworkers. I can even avoid all traffic jams on the way to work!

Now, my coworkers are asking me for advice about picking up electric scooters and I love to help them! So, if you finally realized how cool electric scooters are and you want to get one, feel free to browse my blog and I am absolutely sure you will find at least one impressive model.

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