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By John Oliver

November 6, 2018


Electric scooters are similar to bicycles in the way that they are constructed and parts they are made of.

Because scooters are used every day, frequently, you will need to make adjustments and repairs throughout their lifetime to keep them running.

How To Replace Electric Scooter Parts?

Parts are very easy to understand and replace with little or no knowledge at all. Typically, branded components such as Razor parts for example, often come with detailed instruction guides to ensure how exactly to install their component correctly and safely. Razor scooter parts are increasingly popular and reliable, as are many other popular brands. It’s important to know your brand of an electric scooter to ensure that you are buying only the best quality that will last for many years.

Where To Buy Electric Scooter Parts Near Me?

There are several places you can shop for electric scooter parts like specialized stores or even big eCommerce like Amazon, Walmart has parts too. I would recommend those big retailers because they offer both branded and universal (Chinese) performance parts so you can be sure you will find the part (or accessory) you are looking for.

Electric Scooter Parts

Electric Scooter Hub Motor

Probably the most important part of every electric scooter is the motor. It keeps the scooter going and it determines the top speed, climbing capabilities, etc. There are so many different electric scooter motors from 12v basic motors to 48v 1000w-2000w  motors made for off-road adventures.

electric scooter motor kit

If you want to upgrade your motor, you have to be sure that the specification of the new motor matches the old one.

Also be sure that the scooter frame can handle the extra strength.  The good news is that there are motor kits on the market that have a guide that helps you through the entire replacement process.

Electric Scooter Wheels

When it comes to these electric scooter parts, there are not only different tire types but different sizes as well. Usually, electric scooter wheels size is about 5-10 inches. Inflated tires tend to be bigger, while solid rubber tires are smaller. Many people ask is there a correlation between the tire size and riding comfort, speed and overall performance.

The bigger the tire, the more comfortable it is to ride. Talking about speed, scooters with bigger wheels might be slightly faster. Even though they are only slightly faster, they can handle higher speeds more comfortable. In contrast, scooter with small wheels is easier to maneuver around obstacles.

electric scooter wheel kit

Inflated air tires are also made from rubber. However, inside they have an inner tube filled up with air. The structure is very similar to a bicycle or motorcycle tires. One of the coolest parts about inflated tires, that it absorbs the shocks really well. They are better for off-road and rough surfaces. It will definitely make your ride more comfortable and smooth. The drawback is that inflated tires can explode. When riding, be careful of thorns, glass or nails, they can easily flatten your tire. If that’s the issue for you, there are heavy-duty inner tubes that are thorn resistant.

If you are looking for a more comfortable scooter, pick the one with inflated tires. Solid rubber tires, as the name states are made from rubber. They are completely filled up with solid rubber. Even though manufacturers state that they make solid rubber tires that have good absorbent qualities, it is not quite true. These tires are pretty hard, well, because they are solid and there is nothing that absorbs the hard surface, except for the rubber.

Wheel replacement shouldn't be too complicated but if you aren't sure how to do it, you can get an electric scooter wheel kit, which comes with a slightly higher price, but it will help you during the process.

Electric Scooter Throttle & Controllers

Throttles are one of the most commonly damaged electric scooter parts. There are twist throttles, thumb throttles, foot throttles, and cable pull throttles. Standard throttles use a hall-effect sensor to control the scooter speed and are used on most electric scooters.

Single speed throttles are used on non-variable single speed electric scooters. These throttles use an on/off switch to control the vehicle speed and are used on electric scooters and bikes that have a single speed off-on controls.

The specialty throttles use 5K Ohm potentiometer to control the vehicle speed and they are only used on a few select brands and models of electric scooters and bikes. You can also choose between a throttle with a battery meter or without, according to the battery voltage.

Electric Scooter Throttle And Controllers

Speed controllers are sometimes called in electric scooter and bike owners manuals as a control module, module, brain, brain box, control box, Voltage controller, or controller. Electronic speed control or ESC is an electronic circuit that controls and regulates the speed of an electric motor. You choose them according to motor power, battery voltage, and maximum current.

Also, pay attention if the electric scooter motor controller has a current limiting feature which helps prevent controller and motor damage due to over-current conditions. Under voltage protection feature helps prevent over-discharge and extends battery life.

Electric Scooter Battery

electric scooter battery razor

Electric scooter batteries work like many others. Simply plug the battery charger into scooter before plugging it a wall outlet. Electric scooter batteries can last 2-3 years or more if they are properly cared for and maintained. To get the longest life out of your electric scooter batteries and electric bicycle batteries recharge them after every ride, even very small rides.

After short rides you can recharge the batteries immediately, however, after long rides, it is best to wait around 30 minutes to let the batteries cool down before recharging. Leaving an electric scooter or electric bike battery in a partially discharged state for more than a short amount of time lowers the useful lifespan of the battery.

Electric Scooter Battery

When replacing electric scooter and bicycle batteries replace all of the batteries at the same time and with the same brand of batteries. If different brands of scooter batteries are mixed together the different battery chemistries may cause internal oxidation of the batteries and lower the lifespan of the battery pack.

When an electric scooter or electric bike is in storage recharge the batteries every month. If scooter batteries are not recharged every 30 days the batteries will internally oxidize causing a shortened battery lifespan and a lower mileage range for the vehicle.

These are electric scooter parts you will definitely need to invest in.
Do not throw your old electric scooter batteries in the trash. Drop off your old scooter batteries at a local recycling center that accepts used batteries or at any auto parts store for proper disposal. When you recycle your electric scooter batteries they will be made into brand new batteries again.

Electric Scooter Brakes

When it comes to electric scooters, the braking system is quite commonly overlooked. It’s important to remember that the scooter itself plus the additional weight of the rider, combined with the weight of the battery is a heavy load. To be able to stop this weight safely, a well designed braking system is fundamental.

Electric Scooter Brakes

Electric scooters that come with both a front and rear brakes or disk brakes typically have the best known braking performance. A scooter with only one brake can’t stop as quickly as an electric scooter which has two brakes. Electric scooter and electric bike brakes and braking components should be frequently inspected and replaced when necessary and brake cables and pivot points should be lubricated regularly.

Electric Scooter BrakeS CABLES

Brake cables are cables that connect a brake handle, pedal, or lever to a vehicle's braking mechanism. There are universal which you can trim to the needed size. Brake levers connect the cable and the operation. Choose the left, right, plastic or aluminum lever. The brake hardware is best if you buy the original parts.

Electric Scooter Chargers

There are standard or lithium battery electric scooter chargers. To find the correct charger, make sure the voltage is accurate for your scooter. For example, Razor electric products require either a 24 or 36-voltage charger depending on the model, some stronger brands require even 48v. Besides electric scooter chargers, you can also find ports and plugs. A perfect electric scooter charger automatically disconnects when the battery is fully charged, to protect from overcharging because it can low the battery life.

Electric Scooter Chargers

Furthermore, charging indicators and smart chargers are also very popular nowadays. They save you money for electricity and repairs because the scooter won't run its lifetime before time. Fast chargers come with some electric scooters, and they can charge the battery in just a couple of hours. Most of these electric scooter parts have an average one year warranty included in the price. During that time you can report and have repaired any bugs and fixes.

Electric Scooter Accessories

Electric Scooter Headlights And Taillights

Lights ensure a nice and safe ride during the night. The LED headlight sets for electric scooters usually come with a plastic mounting base. They are activated by a push button switch on the back of the light. The rechargeable LED lights last average of 4 hours and take 1-5 hours to fully recharge depending on how long the light was on for. They are made for the handlebars but there are options for the fenders, too.

Ninebot by Segway KickScooter ES2 ligh

An option with safety lights, which can also be turn signals, is the handlebar end safety lights. Press the lens once for flashing red light or the color of choice in the offer, twice for continuous red light, and a third time to turn the light off. Both lights can be turned on at the same time as safety lights or they can be individually turned on and off as needed for turn signals. This type of light fit almost any scooter. If you are looking for the cheapest option, there are flashlight holders that can be easily installed on any scooter and turn any standard flashlight into a scooter headlight.

Tail lights are for you to be visible for cars and pedestrians coming behind you.  They can be put on the seat post with a seat post mounting clip or on the rear fender. Most have a steady or flashing mode for different situations. Search for the sealed weatherproof design can be used in all riding conditions.

Electric Scooter Bag & Basket

When it comes to scooter bags, there are many options. If you need some storage space on your scooter while you ride, look for a small, strapping bag that can be attached on the handlebars or under the seat. It can be used for storing your phone, repair kit for when your scooter breaks or the first aid kit. Search for quality materials and waterproof design. That way, you know the contents of the bag will be safe. A great thing about bags is that some can be used not solely as scooter bags but also like backpacks.

Electric Scooter Bag STORAGE

If you don't need a high-quality bag, you can purchase a simple basket often seen on bicycles. Those baskets are a great solution if you go grocery shopping, but most of the time they don't come with a lid so they aren't made to be safe, they are only made to help you carry things during the ride.

Electric Scooter Storage Bag

Another type of electric scooter bags is the ones that actually pack the scooter itself. Of course, this works mostly with the foldable scooters.  This type of bags is great for going on a holiday, as you can put in the car trunk or take it on the plane with you. But, when it comes to portable and lightweight scooters, it would be convenient to have a bag with a shoulder strap or as some scooter have a trolley bag.

Electric Scooter Bag

A trolley bag has a design which includes little wheels so you carry your scooter just like a suitcase. Again, search for a quality, durable material which is waterproof because it will keep your scooter protected. If you find yourself in a period where you won't be able to ride your scooter for a while, just pack it up and store.

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