GigaByke Groove V2.0 48v 750W Electric Moped & Parts Review

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If you aren’t sure whether electric scooters are the right choice for you, check out this E Groove scooter made by Gigabyke.

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Where is Gigabyke Company Located?

The Gigabyke Groove electric scooter brand parent company was founded nearly 10 years ago. Their headquarters are in the City of Industry, California. Gigabyke strives to provide quality Gigabyke electric bike models with expert customer service, delivered quickly, at affordable prices.

Is Gigabyke Good Quality Product?

All GigaByke product purchases come with a 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty. Gigabyke allows returns on products that are in new condition and are returned in the original packaging 30 days from the date of delivery so you can get your money back if something is wrong.

How does Gigabyke Bike Look?

If you are searching for a good alternative transportation option or just a scooter for fun, let me tell why Gigabyke electric bike is the right scooter for you. This scooter has a modern style that’s appealing and approachable, perfect for young people and you can read all that in my Gigabyke Groove 2.0 review below.

Advantages Of Gigabyke Groove V2 Model

This Scooter Has Good Warranty

Gigabyke comes with a 1-year warranty, which is not often a case with other electric scooters on the market. The warranty covers the cost of any replacement parts and the shipping costs of those parts which proves how much Gigabyke cares about customers satisfaction.

Gigabyke Groove 2.0 is Safe Vehicle

This scooter is safe for night rides because of the good quality LED lighting, it has a great suspension system, mirrors, and turn lights for extra safety. The idea behind Gigabyke brand is to provide practical and stylish electric bikes to customers and make the entire getting around town process fun and easy.

Gigabyke V2 Comes Assembled

This scooter comes almost completely ready to ride. You just have to charge it, put the pedals, mirrors, footrests and display on but you get a manual and tools for that included so it is very easy. There are even videos on Youtube about it.

Gigabyke Groove 48v 750w Electric Moped

Gigabyke Groove electric scooter has a unique retro look with added wing mirrors which are all chrome with long stalks and the front headlamp is round with a protective metal cage. This is a LED lamp with a 50,000 hours lifespan, meaning it will serve you a long time and save energy.

The rest looks like a normal moped but with an extremely slim body. That slimness is because the Groove has no recognizable engine but two panels from which one contains a 48V silicon Gigabyke Groove battery, the other a 750 Watt electric motor. The battery can be removed and charged off the bike for 6 hours before you can ride it again.

Gigabyke Groove Electric Scooter

The Groove has a top speed of 20mph which is fast and perfect for an adult person to cruise around. It will run for a maximum of 35 miles provided that you weigh 120lbs and are prepared to do a little pedaling to speed before engaging the engine.

The pedals also serve you when the battery dies so you can pedal to the nearest outlet or home. A great thing would be if the pedals would charge the battery, but that is still not a thing with Groove. It’s a smart idea to extend the batteries plus when you do run out, you won’t have to lug home a 180lbs piece of metal on your back.

gigabyke groove 2.0

The bike has both front and back suspension for bumpy roads whilst the disc brakes are sharp and responsive for your safety. It’s easy to maneuver in and out of traffic whilst your speed, distance and battery are clearly visible by an LED display in the middle of the handle-bars.

Best of all, you don’t need any licenses or qualifications to ride one of these things, you can ride it straight out of the box. If you are looking for a street legal bike easy to ride, Groove may just be the thing for you.

Gigabyke Groove Electric Scooter Review

After a little practice on side-roads, and you’ll get the hang of it in no time. Turn signals and a horn will help you get around in the traffic. Groove ships the product whole and it takes just an hour to set up.

The customer service seems good and, should you receive a damaged product, a full refund or replacement is available. Gigabyke Groove 48v 750w comes in 8 different colors to choose from and you can also buy an additional luggage trunk to store your stuff for the way.

Pros: This e-bike requires no license so you save money because you don’t need to register it or insure it. It is great for someone who has lost their driving license or can’t afford a car.

Cons: Weighing in at 148 lbs with just one gear this is not an electric moped that’s easy to pedal without power.

Gigabyke Groove Parts & Accessories

When it comes to parts and accessories, Gigabyke Groove has many. It is a good thing because you can easily locate Gigabyke lithium battery for example. Also, when it comes to other replacement parts, you can use universal parts too, just have to be 100% sure that they fit on the bike.

Gigabyke Groove Manual For Assembly

When you buy this bike, you won’t have to assemble it from scratch, but there is a part of the process you will have to do by yourself. That is why you will get the Gigabyke Groove manual with you. But, there is also a digitalized version of the manual you can find here if you prefer it.

Conclusion: Is Gigabyke Groove Price Too High?

The price of the Gigabyke Groove 2.0 isn’t too high if you are looking for a moped, but if you are looking for an adult’s electric scooter, it is.  As you can see from the Gigabyke Groove reviews above, this is not an electric scooter and that is why I wouldn’t recommend it as a replacement for a kid’s electric scooter under any circumstances. If you changed your mind and you want to look for the best electric scooter for you, check out my post about high-quality electric scooters. 

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