Goped Electric Scooter: ESR750 & I-Ped 2 Models Review

By John Oliver

November 6, 2018

Goped Electric Scooter

You have heard about Goped electric scooters, but you aren’t sure if they are a good choice for you?

The GoPed electric scooter is made by Patmont Motor Werks, in Nevada, United States. This is a family-owned brand well known for its top of the line scooters and the entire business started 33 years ago.

What Do They Produce?

They produce electric scooters, gas scooters, portable patrol vehicles (electric Goped PPV),  push scooters and go-karts of the highest caliber, but it’s their electric scooters that have proven the most popular because they are the easiest to control and maintain.

Where is Goped Production?

Goped uses the best materials available and they do all the hard work. It means that they do much of the machining, welding, stamping, and painting that goes into each product they produce.

What Are Goped Electric Scooters Good For?

With zero emissions, Goped electric scooters are an energy efficient option for those short rides to work, to and from the train station, local errands, or zipping around your college campus. They are also great for kids who want to scoot around the neighborhood.

If you are thinking about buying a GoPed scooter, here are the results of my research about this brand with the highlights and key features to help you decide if this is the right scooter for you.

Advantages Of Goped Electric Scooters

The Electric Goped For Sale Is Made Of High-Quality Materials

The bestselling scooters developed by GoPed feature onboard smart chargers so there are no chords or chargers to drag around, aircraft aluminum alloy frames, front and rear disc brakes, and high-strength racing style handlebars for maximum support and durability.

Warranty Is Long Enough

Goped Electric Scooter comes with a 90-day manufacturer warranty and a 2-year warranty on the frame and the fork which for sure guarantees the high quality and durability and moreover the good service of the brand.

Accessories And Parts Can Be Bought Online

A great thing about Goped scooters is that you can even buy parts for the discontinued products which would otherwise be very hard to find. You can also buy customized handlebars, decks, wheels, gloves and racing stuff to either replace a part or to customize the scooter to your needs.

Goped Electric Scooter For Sale Reviews

Goped ESR750 Electric Scooter

This scooter has 3 variations: the ESR 750, ESR 750 Ex, and ESR 750H. The first one is the base model, the Ex has larger batteries for longer range (electric Goped Sport version), and the H has the larger batteries as well and a front and rear suspension system so you can choose according to your needs for speed, safety or mileage.

I recommend the Goped ESR750H electric scooter model for adults who need an alternative vehicle for work or college. The electric line of Goped powered scooters is the only electric scooters of their kind equipped with an advanced computerized variable speed and a programmable controller.

Goped ESR750 Electric Scooter

The durable structure of this Goped electric scooter for adults makes it highly appreciated among users. The speeds this product gives are adequate for adults and young users. The motor is powerful, which results in excellent acceleration and a top speed of 20mph. This also means that this model can easily handle steeper hills as well if you want to go a field trip or if you live in such terrains.

This model is easy to take the handlebar off, making shipping and storage convenient. I believe it is a good choice for everyday needs like work, store, school or just for fun.

Pros: This scooter has a built-in power supply means that you only need a cable to charge it, this keeps weight low and you don’t need to carry around a charger all the time.

Cons: This scooter is loud because it is chain driven and doesn’t freewheel so it drags when it is not in the power mode.

Goped I-Ped 2 Electric Scooter

This Goped electric scooter folds down to a light and compact package that can be easily carried and stored. It weighs only 28 lbs so you can carry it around and on the bus.

It’s perfect if you need a high quality, dependable and pollution free, portable, personal transportation for riding around to work or just for fun. The battery charges in 4-6 hours depending on the size of the battery which is fast. The charger is on board so you can charge it anywhere without dragging the cords around.

Goped I-Ped 2 Electric Scooter

The Goped top speed is 18mph so it will get to your destination fast. You can upgrade it with different sized sprockets, billet decks, and grips. It has a simple display for you to pick from economy or turbo mode for less and more power or speed respectively at the top and otherwise there’s just an on/off red button.

Pros: This scooter is very lightweight and small so it is portable. It can be powered up through 4 batteries options so you can personalize it to your needs.

Cons: It is noisy because it is chain driven so it is not the most enjoyable ride.

Goped Electric Scooter Parts & Accessories

The good thing about Goped electric scooter parts is that you can easily find them on the market and they are a good fit for most universal parts. So, if you are looking for a new Goped electric scooter battery, you can check universal one, but make sure it is a good fit for your scooter. If you need anything else, check out my post about electric scooter parts and choose one from the list.

Goped Electric Scooter Manual

Every electric scooter comes with a manual so you can easily learn how to use it or assemble it. But, if you like digital versions more, then you can check them out on right here where are Goped electric scooter manuals located.

Conclusion: Is Goped Electric Scooter Good Scooter?

Goped is an OK electric scooter, especially Ggoped ESR750H electric scooter, but it is very hard to find on the market. If you want to avoid that, check out my list of best electric scooters because they are all very popular and easy to find. But, if you are looking for an electric scooter or your kid, or even a portable electric scooter that will get you to work and back, check out my posts because I have covered them all.

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