Top Small-Mini Electric Scooter For Kids & Adults Street Legal

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Small Mini Electric Scooter

You don’t have to look for huge electric scooters if you want a city electric scooter that will get you to work and back.

Check out my list of best small electric scooters and pick the one that suits your needs perfectly!

Mini Electric Scooters For Sale

Smaller electric scooters are a great solution for thick traffic during rush hours since you don’t have to wait for other vehicles around you. Also, they are great solutions for kids, teens, young people and adults, no matter their age and experience.

Why Buy Mini Electric Scooter?

Some mini electric scooters are so light you can even carry them around. Smaller scooters are easier to store, especially if they are foldable. Small electric scooter with seat versions can also be very convenient for longer rides. Almost every tiny electric scooter is very user-friendly and it keeps everybody satisfied.

How to Choose Among Small Electric Scooters (Street-Legal)?

But, you have to be aware that not every mini electric scooter for adults is strong and fast. You have to check the electric scooter specs so you can be sure that the top speed fits your lifestyle. That is why you can read small motorized scooter reviews I have prepared you below.

For those who prefer their transportation compact and easy to put away after driving, here is a short review of some of the best small electric scooters.

Best Small & Mini Electric Scooter Reviews

Qiewa Qmini Electric Scooter

Qmini comes from Taiwanese manufacturer Qiewa. The powerful 500w motor can reach up to 35 mph which is pretty impressive. That feature makes this model one of the fastest on the list. With this model, you will get a small scooter that doesn’t take much space, but it doesn’t compromise its performance either.  Q-mini Qiewa electric scooter

The lithium battery has enough juice for travels up to 38-mile range.  To enable you more rides after that, it takes 8-12 hours to recharge it again, so it would be best if you charge it while you sleep during the night.

The headlights on the scooter are pretty useful for night rides and that is why the scooter has side lights on the deck too. You also get a horn for warning the pedestrians and other traffic vehicles.

Q-mini Qiewa Electric Scooter foldable

The mini electric ride-on scooter has double front shock absorbers and double rear ones. That shock absorption system is located in the 8-inch tires. They don’t have air in them so you won’t have to worry about flat tires.

This scooter is sturdy and stable, so you can expect a comfortable ride wherever you go. Probably the most interesting feature is remote control. You can use it to turn on or off the anti-theft alarm on the scooter. When the safety lock on the scooter is enabled, any attempted steal will be loudly announced.

if you are interested in what else Qiewa has to offer, read my post about Qiewa electric scooters.

Pros: The ride on the scooter is smooth due to the shock absorbents and it is easy to use.

Cons: This scooter has an annoying horn that upsets the pedestrians and drivers.

Razor E300 Electric Scooter

This kid’s mini electric scooter is a perfect choice for kids around 13 years old and it is completely safe for them. The top speed on this scooter is around 15mph, which is slow for small electric scooters for adults, but it is more than enough for kids.

This is a high-quality multifunction electric scooter and the best part about it is probably the mini e scooter price because it is a very affordable unit when you look at the performance. The construction of the scooter is made of steel frame and the design of the scooter is pretty cool because it comes in different colors like blue, red, etc.

Razor E300 Electric Scooter

The weight capacity of this electric scooter for small kids is 220lbs which is enough even for an adult, but I wouldn’t recommend any adult to ride this scooter because you will feel uncomfortable. This cheap mini electric scooter is made for kids, not adults.

The battery of the scooter has to be charged for about 12 hours which means that the best way to charge it is during the night. Once the battery is fully charged, your kid can ride it continuously for about 40 minutes.

Razor E300 Electric Scooter review

As you can see it on the picture, this mini electric scooter doesn’t come with the seat, but there is a version E300S that is actually mini electric scooter with seat. The thing I don’t like about this scooter is that it is not a foldable unit. But, since kids won’t fold the scooter, it could be that they removed it because it was unnecessary.

This is not the only Razor electric models so read my post about Razor electrics cooters and check out their most popular models.

Pros: It is a great scooter because it is simple to use and safe for kids.

Cons: The warranty (60 days) should be longer.

Viro Electric Scooter 2 In 1

This electric scooter is designed for riders ages 8 and up with a maximum rider weight of 120 pounds. It weighs about 43 pounds so it’s going to take some effort to move this thing around. For younger riders, they might just have to rely on an adult to help them out when switching between the scooter and mini bike.

This scooter is UL 2272 Certified which means it earned the certificate by passing a lot of tests. This small electric scooter comes with a 100 watt motor with chain drive, so it makes a little noise after all. The 24V 5Ah rechargeable battery helps the motor.

Viro electric scooter 2 in 1

A good feature is the adjustable handlebars for people of different heights. You speed with a thumb throttle. The rear brake is levers activated. The LED light is really bright for safe low light rides.

The Viro Rides Vega top speed is 10 mph with a range of up to 6 miles or 40 minutes of continuous use on a full charge. The charge time for this electric scooter is 10-12 hours. They’ve created an easy to use a folding mechanism that turns this electric scooter into a seated scooter or mini bike.

mini electric scooter for adults

The Viro also folds down for easy transportation and storage.  Keep in mind that switching between scooter and mini bike might be a challenge for a younger rider and they might need some help from an adult.

Pros: This is a two in one small electric scooter, so your kid has two options and he or she can learn how to ride a bike and a scooter at the same time.

Cons: The charge time is too long.

Xprit Electric Scooter

This is an affordable small electric scooter. It has a modern design that is simplistic and minimalistic with clean lines. This simple mini electric scooter is made for teenagers or even adults, but keep in mind that it is mostly made for teens. The weight capacity of the scooter is 200lbs so you can see why it is better for teens.

The Xprit electric scooter has a construction made from aluminum so it’s time resistant and strong. The IP55 certification means you can ride it during rain because it is waterproof which is a great feature.

The scooter comes with 3 gears and the highest speed is around 12mph, more than enough for kids. That is all provided with the 250W motor inside the scooter. The good thing about 3 gears is that you can adjust the speed to the traffic around you.

The lithium-ion battery will last about 8-13 miles depending on the speed and the terrain of the path and you will have to wait for 5 hours for the battery to be fully charged. That is pretty OK if your kid uses it only for a trip to school and back.

mini electric scooter

The wheels on the scooter are OK, they are durable but they are mostly made for the pavement and you can put both of your feet on the deck since it is wide enough.

The overall weight of the scooter is 25lbs, which is OK, not too heavy, but also not too light. I know that winter days are shorter and that is why I would recommend this scooter because it comes with a powerful LED headlight so you can be sure that your kid will see the road and people around it will see the scooter approaching.

Pros: This is a family budget friendly scooter with great performance, LCD display, and other cool features.

Cons: The handles on the scooter should be better, they are too sensitive.

Costzon Electric Scooter

Costzon electric scooter is a cute teenager mini electric scooter. The only condition is that your kid weighs less than 155lbs. The top speed of the scooter is only 7.5 mph, but that is thrilling enough for teenagers and the quiet motor makes it pleasant for yours and neighbor’s ears and minds.

It is easy to use this small electric scooter with operations as simple as hand operated rear and front brakes. The handles won’t slip which allows better controlling and makes riding safe.

Costzon Electric Scooter

The retractable kickstand is perfect for fast parking anywhere. This is great for teenagers with lots of activities so they have to be everywhere in a short time. This portable electric scooter is an ideal way for kids to go to school, practice or simply hang out with their friends.

I really like this scooter because it is very light, probably the lightest electric scooter on this list with only 18lbs. That means your kid can fold it and carry it to the locker where the scooter will be safe for a long time.

The battery of the scooter requires 6-8 hours of charging time so you have to charge it during the night. The range of the scooter is not very good, it is 6-9 miles depending on the speed and other conditions but that should be enough for your kid to get to school.

Pros: This scooter is very light, very portable and easy to control which makes it one of the best choices for kids and teens.

Cons: This scooter doesn’t have a big range of high speed, but that is also a good thing because you can be sure that your kid won’t go wild on it.

Conclusion: What is the Best Mini Electric Scooter?

if you are looking for an electric scooter for you, then I would recommend you the Qiewa Qmini electric scooter, while if you are looking for a kid’s electric scooter, I would recommend you the Razor E300 model. But, if you need a heavy-duty adult’s electric scooter, read my post about high-quality electric scooters and you will find the best models on the list.

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