Xiaomi Mi MiJia M365 Electric Scooter & Parts For Sale Review

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Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter

They are famous for their good quality smartphones that come with an affordable price, but what about electric scooters?

They only have one model, but that model is pretty impressive and if you want to see the features, read my Xiaomi electric scooter review below.

But, besides Xiaomi scooter review, you can also learn more about the company and in this table of content, you can see what I have prepared.

Xiaomi Corporation is a Chinese electronics company headquartered in Beijing. The company was established 8 years ago and its main goal is to produce high-quality technology that doesn’t come with a high price.

They have started selling wearables, mobile accessories, and appliances such as television and speakers and now they also offer tablets, laptops, and smart-home devices all over the world.  Xiaomi Mi electric scooter for sale is made to help people commute every day to work, school and home. That was a smart move because it is accepted all over the United States as a reliable and good quality product.

Where To Buy Xiaomi Scooter?

You can look for Xiaomi electric scooter M365 is specialized stores, but the best way to buy it is online because you can get the scooter at your doorstep and you can read Xiaomi M365 specs from different sources on the internet before you decide. You can get them from big retailers like Amazon, Walmart or on the company’s website.

If you are considering buying an electric scooter as a last mile solution or just for fun, here is a review of Xiaomi M365 ultralight folding electric scooter to help you in your decision making.

Advantages Of Electric scooter Xiaomi M365

This Scooter Unboxing And Assembly Are User-Friendly And Easy

Alongside the Xiaomi M365 electric scooter itself, Xiaomi includes the 4 Hex screws (for attaching the handlebars), a hexagon wrench, two spare tires, charging brick and mains lead, a nozzle adapter. This will help you assemble it quickly and easily and shows you how considerate people behind this scooter are. Their page claims it takes only one minute to assemble this scooter, so it has to be easy.

This Scooter Is Great Value

Considering the battery technology provided, the app support and the mechanical disc, this scooter is great value for money and worth investing in.  The Xiaomi scooter price is one of the lowest on the market in the category, but the model has the quality of the most expensive ones.

Xiaomi Mijia Scooter Has Xiaomi Scooter App

If you download an app you can keep your Xiaomi Mi electric scooter updated and free of bugs. You can set the vehicle password and restrict the access to your scooter, which can be useful if you buy the scooter for your teenager. it is a type of Xiaomi scooter lock so you can be sure it will be safe.

Xiaomi Mijia M365 Xiaomi Electric Scooter Review

The Xiaomi electric scooter Mijia is very popular all around the USA and you will see why. The first thing you can notice on it is that it is as simple as it can get. That means the lines on the scooter are clean, there aren’t too many colors on it and it doesn’t have too many add-ons.

You can choose one between two colors and even colors are simple – black & white. As you can image and assume by the design, this is not a kid’s toy, it is an electric scooter for adults so I wouldn’t recommend it for kids. The most important reason for that is because it is too big. The handlebar is too high and you can’t adjust the height so it is good for teens above 14 years old and adults.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Review

This Xiaomi scooter M365 is made for a city ride. It is not too fast so you can ride it on busy traffic and the battery is more than enough for you to go to school/college/work. The range of the scooter on a single charge is around 20 miles and the speed is around 16mph – made for a city ride.

Xiaomi is mostly a smartphone brand and that is why you can’t be surprised when you hear that there is a Mi electric scooter app that allows you to connect your phone to the Xiaomi smart scooter. This application allows you to check the battery status, how far can you go, what is your average sped and it even has the power to turn on the cruise control.

MiJia M365 Xiaomi Electric Scooter

That cruise control maintains the speed of the scooter through the entire ride. You don’t have to worry about the speed and it is great for the battery because it saves it. The only downside is that you need 5-6 hours to charge the Xiaomi M365 battery so you have to do it while you sleep. That is not that big problem because the charging time is the same as with other models on the market.

If for some reason you end up in the city during the night you can easily use this Xiaomi Mijia electric scooter to get home because it is equipped with powerful headlights and brake lights. That way you can see where you are going and you can be sure that other vehicles see you too.

xiaomi m365 electric scooter

The same story is if you are riding it while it rains. You don’t have to worry about electronic parts (and there are many) because the Xiaomi M365 IP54 model is waterproof. Every crucial part of the scooter (like the battery) is sealed and safe from water damage.

Another perk of this Xiaomi M365 scooter is that it is foldable so you can carry it around, although it is not that light (27lbs). You can fold the handle and pick up the scooter to put it in small storage space when you aren’t using it. Once it is folded it is very small so you can really store in under the desk or in a locker so you can be sure it is safe when you aren’t using it.

Pros: There is an app for the Xiaomi Mijia smart electric scooter and you can connect it to your smartphone. You can check the battery status, the speed and other features of the scooter.

Cons: It is not very light so you might have trouble if you have to carry it around for a long time.

Xiaomi Scooter Parts & Accessories

The good thing about Xiaomi scooter battery, charger or even Xiaomi M365 electric scooter controller is that it is easy to find. But, when it comes to Xiaomi electric scooter accessories, you will be glad to hear that you can use many universal accessories. If you want to upgrade your Xiaomi Mi scooter, check out my post about electric scooter accessories and parts.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Manual

As you have already read, everything you need to assemble is included in the Mi electric scooter price, which is very affordable when you consider the quality. But, no matter if you are changing the tire of something more complicated, always use Xiaomi Mi electric scooter manual. If you can’t remember where you have put your copy, check out the digital Xiaomi manual here. 

Conclusion: Xiaomi Smart Electric Motor Scooter

At the end of this Xiaomi Mijia review, I want to tell you that it is a good quality product. This Xiaomi foldable electric scooter comes with many great features like the Xiaomi app for the scooter, weight capacity, headlights or bells. If you are looking for an affordable electric scooter, this one is for you, but if you need an adult’s scooter with high-quality materials then I suggest you read my post about best electric scooters on the market.

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